"Few artists have touched as many people’s lives as Tom Petty. His song’s legacies span multiple generations as precious pieces of Americana. They are indispensable to rock and roll history. “Even The Losers” was formed as a response to the legendary singer’s untimely passing. Being that the band is comprised of professional touring musicians, we felt the only way to pay homage to the late great musician was to form a project dedicated to faithfully reproducing the studio versions of the classic songs we all know and love, as best we can.

The band members themselves weren’t even born when Tom’s career was at it’s highest peak, and that is a testament to the timeless nature his song’s have taken on throughout the years. These songs could be considered musical rites of passage that were passed down to us from our parents, and we plan to honor them in memory of his passing.

Tribute shows can sometimes take on an air of kitsch or campiness that ultimately undermines the nature of what they’re intended to do; pay tribute. “Even The Losers” will not be featuring any costumes, props, or production value beyond what’s necessary to bring these hit songs to life on a stage. "

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